Was I Dreaming?

A reverie is going to be told by me.


According to the Gist of Kongianity, which was regarded as a script by a guru Kong who was the ground son of Jesus Kong, whatever the God had prescribed is our nature, meet the nature is the way of humanity, and teachings enable people to follow the way. Therefore, he that 君子 is always pursuing it*1.

Saint can knows things will happen before they happen*2 and understands what the world should be, thus he can support God's work*3. With the advent of a saint, the forms were showed which people should take*4. 君子 follows the teaching of Saint, becomes a role model for people should follow and demonstrates the behavior standards of people*5.

This is the ideal person who was called 君子 for Kongianity. He imitates Jesus Kong's behavioris and follows the teaching of Jesus Kong. We can describe him as a person who is like a Jesus Kong. 君子 is exactly the pattern of Kongian, in other words, it means a decent Kongian, or the ideal format of Kogian.


As described above, 君子 was about the house founding fathers served the king. However, via Kong Qiu, it became a word stands for a person like him. Thus, the concept of 君子 was overwritten*6.


Saying, The wise made no scruple in suddenly changing their demeanor.



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