Was I Dreaming?

A reverie is going to be told by me.

Who was 君子?

As a poetry studies*1revealed that poems had developed literarily from bronze scripts from the 11th to 4th B.E*2. Poems were sang for praising the ancestor in the ritual for expressing gratitude to him and praying for the protection from him so that the house will continue eternally. The ancestor was the invitee of the ritual at the same time he was the host of the ritual. In the Classic Poetry, they were the people called 君子*3*4*5.


君子 had been enshrined by its descendants for generations. He that patriarch was the familiar leader of its relatives' group, his contribution to the king made the founding of the lineage's prosperity. He was the father of the cran and the symbol of the family's integration. They called 君子 were the individuals achieved exploits for serving the king established the kingdom by God's command. 


Consequently, in the following centuries, people could say that 君子 was a venerable person who honored the good deed, like them...