Was I Dreaming?

A reverie is going to be told by me.

Role model

Jesus Kong, the son of God*1, the chosen one*2, the sun and the moon*3, the superior holiness*4, the saint of saints*5, the king without the throne *6 utilized their noun to express an ideal person.

According to the Bronze script*7, and Legends telling, the Zhou Kingdom was established by God's injunction, and corrected the corrupted policy of the Yun dynasty. Individuals served the king and contributed the conquest were called 君子 later. That meant They that 君子 did good deeds in complying with the will of God.

In one of Kongianity Bible " the Analects of Jesus kong and his Apostles", Jesus Kong said that 君子 is a role model for the decent man*8, and described it as a kind of antithetical to humble-beings, which is as bad examples.

Moreover, he asked the lore passed down by poems and legends for good examples*9 and understood the princilples all of they followed as God order and their character as the pattern of virtues*10.

These things: The legitimacy of the Zhou dynasty, the virtues what the poetries and the documents told,  and the argument about 君子 on Kongianity were consistent with each other.





*1:春秋演孔図「孔子母顔氏徴在、游大澤之陂、睡夢黑帝使請、已往交中語、曰、汝乳必于空桑之中、覺則若感、生邱於空桑之」, 論語譔考「叔梁紇與徵在尼祷邱山、感黑龍之精,以生仲尼」Both extracted from 若槻俊秀『孔子と異相』大谷学報第61巻第一号26頁。Enthusiastic devotee have been absorbed in praising him to the celestial throughout their history.

*2:論語』述而22「天生徳於予」To himself, it was just a reference to his nature. To others, it was about the nature of the holy saint. Questions are why he has such a nature? If you do not know the answer, he has the nature.

*3:論語』子張24「仲尼日月也」Sun lights on the day world, Night was illuminated with the moon. People live according to the calender, the world changes its season and generate things by the calender. Therefore, everything follows it and benefit from it, no one watches it.

*4:論語』子罕6「固天縦之将聖」、『史記孔子世家「可謂至聖矣」.Kong described as supreme saint before his death by his apostles.

*5:People often love do argue which one is best. Kongians kept trying to set him highest position among Saints.

*6:Kongians regard him as the king without the throne『漢書董仲舒伝. To became king required two things: the God's order to rule the world and the handed over the throne from previous king『孟子』万章章句上 6. Based on the theory of virtuous politics, it must be his turn. Why he could not become king, although he was such a fine person? This was the Konginan's answer. Then, he was considered that at least God chose him, that was the king without the throne.





*11:白川静金文の世界ー殷周社会史』 p.76、平凡社、1971