Was I Dreaming?

A reverie is going to be told by me.

Metaphysical Preamble

Metaphysical Preamble

Once upon a time, in somewhere not οὐ τόπος, the inhabitants were singing somebody's poems in confidence with a face looks like I know the truth! Then, Apollon the truth could not remain indifferent and he whispered that γνῶθι σεαυτόν*1. One day, a person noticed Apollon's whisper, after a high adventure, he finally found that he knows nothing, he is just a person who loves truth. That was a remarkable awakening.

Later, the person who loved Sophia died because of the citizen, who were the sovereigns of the city the philosopher lived, their incomprehension beat the other consideration. Another person who had a characteristic forehead*2 and knows the philosopher very well was shocked by the unreasonable event. Because, although those watched the philosopher by their own eyes at first hand and listened to him by their own ears at first hand, they could not understand and judged him as he was. 

Then, the forehead man understood why their city was so confused. The problem was in the citizen themselves.Those who racked good perception governed the city, how could it go well? At the same time, the forehead man perceived human beings were not only Hellen's children and Barbaroi, but also individuals who can see the things in front of them, surround them, as it is and people who can not see things as they are. Thus, the forehead man spent his whole life to build the bridge connected two worlds: from a place of subject where those stood to the world of objects beyond the place. The conclusion of this stream was very moderate. Please refer to Sextus Empiricus Ⅶ Πρὸς λογικούς 158.

*1:Pausania『Description of Greece』10-24-1, Plato『Protagoras』343B. The Delphic Oracle informed Sokrates that you are the better, unfortunately. He explored the meanig of the Oracle, he realized what he is.

*2:According to the Diogenes Laërtius『Vitae Philosophorum』vol.3,chap.1-(4), there were several theories about the origin of the name Plato, and he introduced three: he had a fine physique, he had the ability to write ingeniously, and he had a wild forehead.